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How to finally get clean-new-year balance in Gnucash 2.4.10+

Gnucash is free accounting software. Unfortunately there is no «clean» built-inprocedure which can make your new year book without old transactions. Finally there is way to do it.

Manual recommends several ways to achieve this:

I tried third party tool jGnucashEditor, but it doesn’t work at all for fresh version files. Finally I found repository python script that seems doing right thing:

Some troubleshooting needed to install correct version python_gnucash and gnucash versions, e.g. for Ubuntu packages coming with 12.04 «precise» distribution.

After correctly installed packs you can find script at: /usr/share/doc/python-gnucash/examples

So command will solve the problem:

/usr/lib/gnucash/overrides/gnucash-env python \

/usr/share/doc/python-gnucash/examples/ \

xml:// 2012.gnucash xml:///tmp/2013.gnucash

After few cleaning in file (currency setup if you have different currencies) you have file without lot of transactions.

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